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We’ve spent the past several days fostering Hemi from Lane County Animal Services (LCAS) and he is fantastic! Hemi is less than a year old, weighs about 65 lbs, and is most likely a lab/pit mix. As the pictures show, Hemi is a handsome boy! His face is an endless source of very sweet and amusing expressions. We’re not sure about his background but he knows sit, shake, and down, is house trained, and already knew how to use the dog door. He’s one of the happiest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever met!


Even though he’s still very much a goofy puppy, Hemi is quiet and and gentle and easily keeps himself occupied playing with toys or exploring the backyard. He has been very responsive to our feedback in the office, at home, and on walks. He walks well with a front clip harness and has been great meeting people. Yesterday we met two little kids and he was very gentle and mellow while they handled him. Around people Hemi is gentle and playful, but when he’s with our dogs he just wants to PLAY! Hemi is a big, uncoordinated boy and his idea of playing with our girl dogs involves a lot of humping – he means well but our dogs get annoyed.


Hemi’s ideal family would be ready to provide the appropriate mental and physical stimulation for this smart, active, young dog. The vet at LCAS has determined that Hemi has hip dysplasia but he has not yet had x-rays so we don’t have details. This means that while his new family should keep him active to maintain his strength and flexibility, he probably shouldn’t do excessive running or climbing. Hemi’s family should be prepared to use positive feedback to teach him the boundaries and expectations of his new home – he caught on to the structured routines/environments in our home and my office very quickly! As with any dog, and especially a young developing dog, Hemi’s new family should be committed to continuing his training and socialization. I personally want to see Hemi with a family that will spend time with him (cuddling, playing, or just hanging out) and appreciate his sweet, affectionate, clever, and very amusing personality. We’ve left Hemi alone for shorter periods of time in the car, office, or at home along with some fun toys or bones. Because Hemi is a smart, young dog, his new home should have a big crate or puppy-proofed room if he’s going to be alone for longer periods of time (he sleeps well in a crate overnight).


More information about the LCAS adoption process can be found here.


Anyone interested in more information about Hemi is welcome to contact me at or at 541-908-9322. We took Hemi into foster because he seemed like he was being overlooked at the shelter. After spending time with him, we’ve been so impressed by his behavior and temperament that we took him back today so that he has more opportunities to meet potential adopters. So, please go to LCAS to meet this awesome boy!

Toni Door - Hemi is a beautiful handsome dog. Has he been neutered? I would like to meet him and if that meeting seems successful then have him meet my Jack Russell ‘Freddie’. I have been looking for a 2nd dog to keep Freddie company and want a larger dog. Please email me if Hemi is still available and let me know if we can make arrangements.June 27, 2012 – 2:32 pm

Lisa Wodd - What a handsome guy!June 28, 2012 – 5:27 am

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