Meet Snoopy

We have been fostering Snoopy, believed to be a 4 year old Mastiff/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, from the First Avenue Shelter (FAS) for several weeks now. While we are REALLY enjoying our time with him, we need your help finding his forever home, please! All of his information and photos are below, please take a look and pass it along to anyone who might be interested, share on social media, etc.


Snoopy in the Home

Snoopy is a very well mannered, typically mellow boy and makes a great companion. He spends all day with us in the office and then at home so we’ve seen him in a variety of environments.


  • Is totally house trained (lets you know when he needs out, sleeps through the night)

  • Can be trusted not get into anything he’s not supposed to (note: we keep dog toys and bones around for when he’s in the mood to be playful or chew on something)

  • Is the perfect balance of a mellow/calm demeanor but can also be playful and goofy (likes to play fetch, can get very excited about play time and race around but doesn’t run into you)

  • Knows basic commands like sit, down, shake, “go lie down” (and will go where you point, learns quickly where his space is). He has been attending training classes through the shelter and is doing very well.

  • Enjoys a dog bed or couch (if allowed) to snooze on but also likes to explore the backyard and spend time outside, especially if it’s SUNNY!  Snoopy should have a yard with a fence at lease 6 feet tall.

  • Woofs to let you know if someone comes to the house, yet is happy to meet visitors

As an intelligent companion, Snoopy keeps an eye on his people to figure out what the boundaries of the home are; integrating him into our home and lifestyle was so easy, I keep forgetting he’s not one of ours!


Snoopy out and about

Snoopy is really easy to walk on leash. With a front clip harness and his mellow attitude he doesn’t pull and generally heels, although he like many boy dogs he likes to stop and sniff bushes etc. along the way. Once, a squirrel ran across the sidewalk right in front of us and he wanted to chase it so I felt his full strength at the end of the leash – he is a strong boy! Fortunately, he’s not the type to get fixated and he listens well.


Snoopy is GREAT in the car; very calmly sits on his bum like a person and watches the world pass by.


Snoopy interacting with others

People – Snoopy meets lots of people every day at work and has been great when we’ve hosted friends and family at home. He has demonstrated in the shelter and in foster that he remembers the people he knows and is very excited to see them. However, even when we’re out on walks he often slows down to sniff or greet a passing stranger with a relaxed/loose body and wagging tail. In foster, when meeting people for the first time he’s especially excited about men (I wonder if his last person was a man?). When people he knows come to see him, he’ll get all wiggly and grab a toy and sidle up for some love and play time. Even though Snoopy is a large boy with an observant expression, his relaxed body language and interest in others seems to put people at ease. There are not many young people in our lives but the few he has encountered he has treated the same as anyone else and expressed interest in greeting.


Dogs – When Snoopy and I have encountered other male dogs, they do not seem to hit it off. However, we have two female dogs at home and they all get along well. When he first arrived, he was very excited about our dogs and really wanted to play with them. However, he is 2-3 times their size so he inadvertently overwhelms them at times. If anyone has a larger female dog (or dogs!) that would enjoy a playmate, Snoopy would probably be a perfect fit! Whenever our dogs correct Snoopy during play, he always responds appropriately. We also have toys/bones in the their shared space and can give treats and food in the same room (all closely supervised).


Cats – Based on what we’ve seen with our cat and on his testing at the shelter, Snoopy would do best in a home without cats.


More Information


Check out the shelter’s bio of Snoopy here and information about the FAS adoption process here.


Snoopy is a great companion, family member, and all around good dog. For more information or to arrange to meet Snoopy please e-mail




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