Meet Anton

I can’t believe it’s been months since we’ve done a post like this, all of the foster dogs we’ve had since Hemi were adopted so quickly we just haven’t had the chance!


Anton is a super sweet, goofy mixed breed pup from the First Avenue Shelter (FAS). He currently weighs about 60 lbs but he is only about 10 months old so he’ll likely fill out. It’s hard to guess what Anton’s breed is; his body looks like a miniature great dane, but we think he’s some sort of hound mix. Either way, as his pictures show, you can see that he’s a very gangly, handsome boy! Anton came in as a stray and is still very young but already knows sit and down, is fully house trained, walks really well with a front-clip harness, and we can leave him unattended in the house and he just chews on his own bones and toys (super awesome!).


Anton has the mellow, easy-going demeanor of a large breed dog (“gentle giants”) but he is definitely still a puppy and has some energetic moments. However, Anton’s energy is very easily spent on walks or playing in the backyard, and he’s happy to entertain himself with his toys and bones or playing with other dogs. His enthusiasm for playing with our dogs is a bit much for them at times because he’s so much bigger than they are, but a larger dog or a dog that likes to wrestle would have a devoted playmate in Anton. He also loves people and is very affectionate and playful. Anton is curious but appropriate with our cat, although our cat does NOT like dogs so we haven’t given them a real chance to interact.


The reason we are fostering Anton, and the reason that he wasn’t snatched up as soon as he landed in the shelter, is because he was SUPER stressed out in the shelter and was going to great lengths to escape the kennels there (and he hurt himself a bit on the way out!). We all thought that he was escaping due to separation anxiety, however since bringing him home we’ve realized that he’s just a smart, curious, energetic puppy that needs stimulation and exercise. After establishing an exercise routine (walks, nothing epic) and figuring out which bones he likes, we’ve been able to leave him on opposite ends of the house or in the back of a car with a bone or kong full of peanut butter and he’s totally content. He’s not happy being closed in a small room, but fortunately he’s been very trustworthy and housetrained (even overnight!) while roaming freely in our home so that hasn’t been an issue.


Anton is looking for family that has the time and energy to exercise and mentally stimulate him every day and will learn what he needs to keep himself challenged during down time (i.e. kongs with PB, rawhide bones, food dispensing toys, etc). His family will need to continue his training him and remind him about boundaries in his new home and continue to socialize him with people and dogs as he matures. Also, his family should keep in mind that he’s still a puppy in a new environment so he might need a few weeks to settle in and they’ll need time to figure out the best “set up” for him in their home.


Anton’s “bio” from the First Avenue Shelter:
More information about the adoption process:


Please drop me a line if you are interested in meeting Anton!

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Featured session – Dingo

Not only did we finally get to work with Dingo, one of the most handsome dogs we know, we also got to spend a weekend exploring beautiful Arizona. Dingo was a such a mellow dude and sat patiently in the car while we made our way up to Sedona for a leisurely hike and lots of time to bask in the sun and inspect the cacti. The next day we went up the mountain in Flagstaff to let Dingo get a little crazy in the snow; he definitely worked it for the camera!

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