Meet Houston

For anyone who’s been waiting for a fully trained, mature, super friendly, low maintenance dog, here he is!


It is my pleasure to introduce Houston, an 87lb American Bulldog from Lane County Animal Services (LCAS). Houston is fully trained–his repertoire includes sit, lie down, shake, and wait. He is house trained, doesn’t chew on anything but dog toys, sleeps on the dog beds, and is great on the leash. Houston is a nicely balanced dog; he is mellow and quiet in the house but LOVES to play and go on walks (gets excited but not at all hyper). Even though Houston is a big boy, he’s a mild, mellow, perceptive, and mature fellow. He takes treats very gently, doesn’t pull on the leash, and is good with kids. I would like to note that he doesn’t like to share his toys with other dogs so if any interested adopters have dogs, they should be respectful (not overly dominant). Houston really loves people (especially men), greets everyone with a great big smile, and is a favorite amongst the volunteers at LCAS.


He recently went to an adoption event at the Eugene roller derby and the volunteer who handled him had this to say:

Houston was a ham. He took a lot of petting and handling from kids, teens, and adults, and he was great with everyone. He actively sought attention. At one point, he was getting pretty much mobbed by kids. He was laying down and had three 6- or 7-year-olds wrestling with each other, mauling him, and rolling on top of him, and he just laid there with a big shit-eating grin and wagged his tail. At another point, Katherine was outside with him eating her dinner, and a 12-year-old boy who really liked Houston went out there with her. That kid was petting Houston, grabbing his head, staring at him inches from his face, and playing with him. Houston just wagged his tail, licked the kid, and continued following the commands the kid gave.


I honestly think that the only reason Houston’s still at LCAS is because people don’t always give big dogs the chance they deserve.


If you’re interested in meeting Houston drop me a line at  Adoption information can be found here:

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