Meet Lola

It is my pleasure to introduce Lola, our super sweet, happy, and beautiful adoptable foster puppy. Because she was abandoned we don’t know her breed or age for sure, however she’s estimated to be about 2-3 months old and an American Bulldog and/or American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Either way she will likely be a fairly large and powerful dog, but she’s also very gentle and perceptive by nature. Even though she’s still a young puppy Lola is mellow, inquisitive, attentive, and responsive. She is at that magical age where training is very effective so her adopters will have the opportunity to train, socialize, and nurture her into a fantastic dog. We are so impressed by how quickly she has learned our signals and responds to feedback. Lola also LOVES meeting people and other dogs and is very sweet and gently excited with every greeting. Even though she has a very confident stance, she is respectful of our dominant dog and plays well with our submissive dog. Because she’s not allowed up on the furniture to snuggle with us, she’s always curled up with one of our dogs. We’re working on potty training (she’s doing very well, making quick progress!), and she already makes it through the night in her crate. Lola does really well in the office by entertaining herself with her toys and excitedly greeting visitors then taking frequent naps. This girl is pretty special, we feel fortunate to have some time with her!


We are fostering Lola for Lane County Animal Services, please click here for information about their adoption process.  Drop us a line if you are interested in meeting Lola!

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