Adoption update – Buddy

Buddy has been adopted! We will really miss him around the house and office, but we’re sure he will love his new home. He has a nice new family with another dog and plenty of room to run around. There are lots of great dogs like buddy at Lane County Animal Services; if you’d like to meet one, we recommend asking their wonderful staff to take him/her out of the kennel and into the play yard to see their true personality. We can’t wait to foster another dog!

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Meet Buddy

Navit and I are completely in love with our adoptable foster dog Buddy. This 65lb black lab mix is honestly a delight to have in our home and office.  He’s great in the car, plays really well with our dogs, is VERY respectful of the cat, and watches us for cues and is very responsive to feedback. Even though he’s still young–maybe a year old–when he is in the office he quietly sleeps or plays and is very mellow about people coming and going. He learns so quickly too! He picked up on our routines within a day and (I am SO impressed by this) when I pick up the leash and look at him he just sits down and waits calmly for me to put the leash on and go. Buddy loves everyone and we all love how sweet he is and can’t stop petting him and giving him belly rubs (and I have to admit I spend a fair amount of time on the floor cuddling him). Every day he comes up to me and leans on my legs until I start petting him, and I like to rub his belly because he just flops over on the floor and sticks his legs in the air. Buddy is definitely a dog that needs LOTS of exercise, both structured walks/runs and free play! We are very thankful that we have a big yard for him to run around because he loves to be outside (sometimes he just runs in circles or throws a ball around all by himself) so we think he should go to a home with a fenced yard. He’s a young lab and needs access to mental and physical stimulation to appropriately channel his energy. We keep lots of dog toys around so he doesn’t try to get into anything he shouldn’t, he’s totally house trained, and he’s not at all possessive around food or toys or treats. He does really well with submissive Lucy and dominant Shasta, but he seems overly interested in male dogs and would need facilitated introductions to male dogs. He is very comfortable being handled and does really well with children he’s met.

Anyone is welcome to contact us ( or 541-908-9322) with any questions or interest. We are fostering Buddy for Lane County Animal Services (LCAS), so those interested in adopting him would contact LCAS to fill out an application after Buddy has met all the people and dogs living in his potential home.

megan mahan - Buddy looks exactly like a former foster of ours- Jerry- who is now named Buddy! Weird. He has a great life now. Thank you for fostering.March 15, 2012 – 11:50 pm

Daniel - Too funny! Buddy is AWESOME, we can’t get enough of him.March 16, 2012 – 8:35 am

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Buddy preview

Just picked up Buddy, our new adoptable foster dog.  He’s a super affectionate, goofy black lab mix.  More information and photos to come!

lia - Is he from LCAS? If he’s the Buddy I know, he is awesome! I’m so happy he found a foster home. And if he is not the dog I’m thinking of, good for you for fostering anyway!March 8, 2012 – 7:56 pm

Daniel - Yes! Buddy from LCAS. SUCH a sweetheart.March 8, 2012 – 8:03 pm

Pamela Lacey - Hi, I am interesting in meeting Buddy. I have an aussie, lab mix named Lucy who is very rambunxious and full of energy. She could use a playmate to keep her company. She will be eight years on October 25. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old. She is very attached to me!!!! I think some doggy companionship would be good for her. I would like for them to meet and see how they do. My husband and I have a large backyard that would be large enough for both of them. We have a large 3 bedroom house with lots of love and lots of room. I don’t work and my husband is a CPA. I like to run and exercise; ie hike MT. Piscqa. I would be spending lots of time with them and it would be good for Lucy to have a companion. Let me know what you think as I will be at the clinic on Tuesday. Thanks!March 19, 2012 – 10:40 am

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